Shut EP

by N/ill

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As part of an experiment, this EP was conceptualized, written, one-take-recorded and produced in under one hour on the 8th of July. It was released on the 9th.


released July 9, 2014



all rights reserved


N/ill Neukloster, Germany

George Pemberton. Since 2013.

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Track Name: Worship
Nothing's been damaged in your holy rampage,
Everything's cleansed, adjusted in numbers,
Will it be to your luck to follow in carnage,
Step into line, and feed of its bliss,

Let me spill all your drinks you crave so angstly,
I let you touch me with your onesided tounge,
Let me comfort and caress you in my worship,
Of structure and order, and infinite pain.

We count ourselves to the best of the best,
As fools we fall with minds narrow and small,
We're so tall, we've built ourselves a throne,
Made of consumption of our feces, and infinite pain.
Track Name: Cattle
Cattle bellows beneath the masses,
Phantoms dance to midnight's choires,
Such is life in the upper classes,
Uneasy calms the feverish air,

In the space between your harbours,
Safe Haven for the deaf and the blind,
Gaslight's glare and roadwork-layers,
Can't contain your drug-soaked mind,

Drink my fluids from the sewers,
And drum your corpses into my rivers,
Breathe my incendiary air,
In the city,
In despair.
Track Name: The Black Bleak Void
We've bent our woe to our will,
Reshaped our bodies to our bodiless senses,
Drenched in scents and salty taste,
We leave together,

Call me by my intimate name,
You ooze into the perfect days,
An anxious kiss, for now's goodbye,
We cease together,

And don't you think,
Uncanny how,
We used to sink into,
The black bleak void.

And don't you think,
The Sooner we,
Come back again,
Into the black bleak void,
We'd be destroyed.